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John Robinson - Licensed Legal Professional


John Robinson is a senior paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

John practises in Cornwall, the Ottawa Valley, and throughout Eastern Ontario. John also has an office in Toronto.

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Small Claims Court, Traffic Tickets, Provincial Offences, Summary Criminal, All Tribunals, Commissioning of Documents and more...

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If you have been hurt in any kind of accident, John can help.

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JR Legal’s clients are from Cornwall, Ottawa, Brockville, Renfrew, Prescott, Toronto, Bracebridge, Huntsville and throughout Eastern Ontario.

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What Our Clients Say

After my partner died his accountant withheld a $15,000 GIC left in trust for me. John sued him and filed with the CPA. Next thing I know John had an estate lawyer working with us and John negotiated and I received a settlement of over $200,000. John is considerate and will always keep you informed. I recommend him to anyone with any kind of dispute.

Annette M.

I was severely hurt in a car accident. The police gave me a ticket at the hospital. It wasn’t my fault. John looked into the other driver’s Facebook profile, his drivers abstract and in the police notes and it turned out the other driver was at fault for running a yellow light. Now I have a negligence claim for over $50,000.

Martha S.

I am a retired mining executive. I had a landscape company ruin the deck of my Hyde Park condo. I hired John who sued the contractor and negotiated a settlement that paid me back over $8,000 in losses. This landscaper had the best construction law firm in Toronto and John still won. I recommend JR Legal to everyone.

David M.

I rented a U haul and was charged after a fender bender with Careless Driving and Failure to Report. I was looking at 8 points and over $600 in fines. John worked his magic and after quite a few months both charges were totally dismissed. Hire JR Legal.

Tori M.

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